Since deregulation in the 1990’s the UK telecommunications market has become increasingly complicated.

The growth of the internet, mobility, Smart phones, broadband access, voice and data convergence and now the Cloud. Numerous suppliers, equipment manufacturers, network operators, resellers, acquisitions, mergers & rebranding has led to a market that is a confusing place to go shopping.

You will have to put your trust and faith in someone.

Before you can decide where you want to go and how you will get there, you need to understand where you are starting from. An audit of where your organisation is, in terms of telecoms assets, supplier relationships and contracted services will help identify constraints that might restrict future plans.

Can you utilise legacy assets? What DR capability do you need? Does the 80:20 rule apply to your customers, revenues and margins? How is your organisation going to change in the next 3-5 years? These questions and others should shape how you deploy your telecoms. What is your organisation's e-commerce/ online strategy?  How will telecoms underpin this? Lots of questions that Xi Comms can help you answer.

Once you know where you want to get to we can help either as an independent advisor with the selection and purchasing process or as a supplier with our own recommendations. Either way, your organisation will gain from the experience and knowledge that is Xi Comms.


An organisation wanting a new telephone system is likely to fit into one of these groups:

  • They are moving office premises or opening a new office
  • There are some fantastic new features or technologies available that will drive business improvement and can deliver rapid ROI
  • The old system, which has performed a sterling job, is on its last legs.

With the average lifetime of a telephone system being seven years, it is an important decision to get it right.

At Xi Comms we will manage all of this for you. We will work with you to understand what your business requirements are now and help you predict future needs.

Once we are comfortable that we have identified your needs, we will recommend the most suitable answer that matches your requirement and your budget. We will put the technology and the acronyms into plain English - agree a plan to get you where you want to be - and then implement it.


With most businesses becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet for trade and communications, connectivity is more important than ever.

How do you get the most dependable and reliable connection at the lowest cost? How do you get the lowest price for connectivity that does not compromise quality and allows you to increase capacity rather than constrain you?

Connectivity comes in various shapes and sizes - and the acronyms and product names are equally numerous and confusing EFM, ISDN, EoFTTC, DSL, fibre, FTTP, Ethernet, SIP trunks, DIA and so on. DSL as a technology has virtually stood still. DSL is really a consumer product or a back-up product, but how many companies rely on it?

What is important, is that your business has the sort of connectivity that allows it to function properly, does not constrain the business and in the event that technology does sometimes fail, will offer a business continuity capability.


Whether your company has 1 or 1000 mobile phone users, Xi Comms has the plan for you.

We will provide you with impartial advice and by working with the UK's major networks, we'll find the right solution for your business.

Whether you and your team require unlimited minutes, high levels of data or if you are just occasional users, we tailor our plans to meet your requirements.

We offer a wide variety of mobile devices from top manufacturers, including BlackBerry, Apple, HTC, Nokia and Samsung, so you can choose the right handsets for your company needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.


If moving house is one of the three most stressful personal experiences – how stressful is moving office!

When a company moves premises, everyone expects services to work from day 1 at the new place! If it’s your job to manage an office move then Xi Comms can take away some of the stress.

New telephone system, new phone lines, telephone numbers, cabling, handsets, internet access, wifi. Coordinate with suppliers, communicate with colleagues who will be impacted, cancel existing services and migrate those that will be retained, make sure everything works at the same time, ensure sufficient power exists and what about training? Are you remaining within the same telephone exchange area? You can take your existing telephone number with you despite what other suppliers tell you.  And don’t forget to update your web site and headed stationery.

Xi Comms ‘office moves’ expertise can work with you to help plan, coordinate and source vital products and services to ensure a smooth transition from old to new.


Low cost is good, unreliable and poor quality is not good for business.

Balance the cost of phone lines and call charges with using a reliable service that your customers use to contact your business. The telephone is one of the most important channels of communications into your organisation. Low cost is good, unreliable and poor quality is not good for business.

Through multiple relationships with the UK’s leading networks operators, combined with our technical and market knowledge Xi Comms can supply lines and minutes (traditional and SIP) services to our customers that can drive down costs but will not compromise on quality.


What is the fastest way to message a group of people? Be it reminder messages, notification of special offers or incident updates.

SMS TXT message broadcast is significantly more effective than email. Messages get straight to the individual, the whole message tends to be read and replies can be measured & managed and currently there is nothing like the junk messaging via TXT that email experiences.

Xi Comms TXT is an easy to use service, simple to setup with low touch administration that allows the user to broadcast messages to a predefined audience. Mobile network independent-membership groups and communities of similar interest can be rapidly notified. Spread awareness and generate interest on a grand scale at the touch of a button.


Your existing telephone number is probably the most important number to maintain. That way, customers can always get through to you.

Telephone numbers are still the primary channel for people to get in touch with companies. When combined with a website and marketing collateral, callers can be channelled to help get them to the most suitable company resource as quick as possible.

Rather than using one telephone number as a catch all for every call, develop a combination of numbers to route callers in the most effective and efficient way. Never miss a sales call or a customer's call. Avoid nuisance calls, help your suppliers get to who they want to. After all, you have a separate fax number!

There are various different types of telephone numbers available (01, 02, 03, 07, 08, 09). Which is the best one to invest in? How much will it cost? What is the most suitable for the type of callers expected? Would a combination of numbers be the most effective? Could you use advanced features to route and handle calls efficiently? Can you automate call handling and can you do it with sensitivity to the caller and make it effective?

At Xi Comms we think telephone number management is primarily a marketing activity. As an important channel into your business it needs to be planned, resourced and co-ordinated with other communications channels including website, social media, and more traditional marketing activities.


Channels of communication exist between an organisation and its stakeholders - but not always by design. Web-site, conferencing, email, social media, phone (including mobiles), postal.  Sometimes these channels just evolve without being co-ordinated.

Getting the right communication to the right person at the right time is the ambition. Be it a customer calling in to place an order or a message to a prospect to remind her about a webinar, a sales enquiry into your business or a query for the billing department. That way you save time, save money and everyone is more productive.

  • How many calls come into your business every week?
  • How many are sales calls? How many from existing customers?
  • How can you push more enquiries to your website?
  • How many callers are suppliers or sell to enquiries?
  • How many responses to Marketing Campaigns and Promotions – what ROI? 
  • How can you talk to your entire field-based team without taking them off the road?

Creating formalised channels of communications primarily into your business will make your organisation more efficient internally and more effective to deal with. Telecommunication technology offers a number of services to create, monitor and manage these channels of communication.

Xi Comms is expert at helping customers develop and fine-tune a stakeholder communications strategy - forming a bridge between your IT/ telecoms technology people and an organisation's marketing communications team. Xi Comms can help you map your stakeholders and deliver consistent communications through multiple channels.

About Us

Xi Comms is a privately owned and managed supplier of telecommunications products and services based in the spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Established in 2009 the company now boasts experience of over 60 years from within the UK telecommunications market.

In the context of the tremendous change and confusion in the telecoms market Xi Comms provides independent advice and guidance to customers on how to get the best return for your business from telecoms, be it existing services, new services or integrating new with old.  Rather than your business being constrained by the technology we will help you use the technology to help your business flourish.

Our core objectives are based around the following:

  • To deliver independent advice to our customers based upon our understanding of your specific requirements.
  • To recommend & deliver the best telecom services available, based upon fit-for-purpose and the best value.
  • To provide customers with ongoing first-class customer service.

“We believe that if we can achieve the above, we will be our customers first choice to discuss and deliver future telecoms services”.

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